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Want to know what Pilates can do for you? Hear from some of our clients about the benefits of pilates and their experiences. 


At Mandy Tomlinson Pilates Studio, we have a beautiful, welcoming and supportive community who make all classes enjoyable.

Come and experience it for yourself xx

I started coming to Mandy's reformer classes to build some strength and flexibility. Over the time I've been coming, I've had notable improement in everyday things like climbing fences, carrying shopping, gardening and balance. My hips are moving better, my neck is moving better and my knees dont hurt. Do it!  


I used to have mobility issues and chronic pain due to arthritis.

I couldn't even lift my legs off the floor. Pilates is my way of keeping all that at bay, and I can now play with my kids.


I started coming to Pilates because of osteoarthritis in both knees. 
Mandy designed a personal program for me and within 6 months I was pain free and had regained mobility. The improvement in my health and well-being is amazing.


At 58 years old, I had a total hip replacement and by 60, I couldn't rotate my hip. I was unhappy and weaker than ever. I had been a gym junkie all my life and hadn't done any fitness for 3 years due to lack of motivation. Then, I walked into Mandy's studio and said "help". 1 year later, I am stronger, more flexible and motivated than I have ever been. Mandy's Reformer sessions, 3 times per week, are my saviour! 


I've suffered from fibromyalgia for a couple of years and was struggling to do everyday tasks. After a few months of doing reformer, I became stronger adn able to do more things around the property again. My greatest achievement so far has been cleaning out the goat house with no pain. I haven't been able to do that for years. I have more strenght and energy and my garden looks amazing!


I have been fortunate to be able to attend Mandy's group mat sessions and reformer classes for a number of years now. She has become an essential part of my weekly fitness and self care regime.

Each class is different and challenges me in new ways, ensuring I continue to see improvements in strength and my core stability. 

Mandy is extremely passionate and professional and is dedicated to supporting her clients with tailored programs to meet their individual needs.


I started coming to Mandy last December after a total left ankle replacement, still in a moon boot and crutches. It felt great to be able to finally start moving again. Mandy has been very encouraging and helpful in my recovery. 12 months on, my ankle is just about back to normal. I really love my sessions and feel that I am getting stronger all the time. 


I came upon one of Mandy's posts about Menopause and after talking for a while she made me confident enough to enter the studio for my first class.

I have travelled through so much since then with her supporting me through every step of the way.

With adaptive classes and a great space that she has created I have found my passion. I can't thank her enough for this.


There was plenty of stretching, time to do it all without any rush. The venue was cool and quiet and everyone certainly seemed to have enjoyed the afternoon. Mandy is calm and precise with her delivery and instructions. The only thing I could suggest is to keep it to 8 people for more space per person to practice. Overall a very satisfying and relaxing experience.




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