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My name is Mandy, I’m a mum of one and the owner of Mandy Tomlinson Pilates Studio.
My love of Pilates started back in 2001 when my local gym on the central coast started a Pilates class. I joined a class after a workout one day and from there on I was hooked.
In 2003 I moved to Gloucester and had to travel an hour to Forster to join a Pilates class which was challenging some days so I decided to become a Pilates instructor and bring Pilates to our little town. Fast forward 18 years and here I am working full time in my beautiful Pilates studio.
What I love about my job is I’m discovering something new every day, either from other Pilates instructors or my own clients. Pilates like most things is constantly evolving and there are so many fun things to add to a workout.
When I’m not teaching or doing Pilates I love bush walking, practicing yoga and hanging near the ocean, with a bit of shopping thrown in here and there!
I hope you will enjoy my classes as much as I enjoy teaching them.
See you soon x

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